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Why Energy-Efficient Lighting Matters

Why Energy-Efficient Lighting Matters

With electricity bills seeming like they’re not heading anywhere but upward, we all want to hear about the different ways we can bring costs down. We are, after all, becoming more dependent on electricity so the only smart course of action is to choose products and equipment that will regulate our spending without depriving us of the many comforts an all-electric household can provide.

The article “Making the Switch to Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs” by Matt Papaycik on strikes a familiar, yet oft-avoided topic. Alternative lighting products like LED can be intimidating because they certainly don’t come cheap. In fact, while a regular incandescent light bulb may cost $3 each, an LED bulb may get us spending $25 and up.

Switching to LED lighting may be painful on the pocket especially given the economic climate, but if we consider its many advantages as the years progress, we realize that the investment is worth it after all.

A regular light bulb needs to be changed monthly or bi-monthly depending on usage and it contributes a lot to our monthly electric bill. We might not feel it significant to make the switch this time because we’ve gotten so used to getting a $150 utility bill a month. However, wouldn’t you be interested in giving energy-efficient lighting a try if you found out that it can help save up to 85% of electricity consumption?

That said, the better news is that with the demand for energy-efficient lighting rising, many manufacturers are producing cheaper types of LED bulbs to meet this need. Nowadays, it shouldn’t be too much of a financial burden to make the switch to energy savers. Why not give it a try so you can see how much a difference it makes? You won’t regret it.

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